How To Wirte The Book That's In Your Heart  
Rita Emmett

The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success: Finding the Time, Space and Energy to Get Writing!

“Is There a Book in Your Heart?”

It was 11:30 on a Saturday night when I was fondling a check for $40,000. Yes, fondling.

When my agent, Jane, submitted my first book to the publisher, she told me, “Don’t expect to make a lot of money from your first book.”

And 15 months later I had a check for $40,000! 


But that’s not where the story begins………

About twenty years ago I discovered that a lot of people were procrastinating and it wasn’t because they were lazy and it wasn’t because they didn’t care and it wasn’t because of a lot of other things that traditional wisdom taught us. It was simply a habit they didn’t know how to break.

When I figured that out, I looked for books to help me go further into the subject and NO ONE had written a book about this particular angle. After many years of wishing someone would write a good book about this procrastination issue, I had a smack yourself in the head moment, and decided that I, Rita Emmett, Queen of Procrastinators, would write that book.

So I dove right in and poured out everything I knew about this topic into my first book…and I got a lot of it done. But life – and a divorce—got in the way and my almost-finished book SAT THERE for years.

Finally my life returned to an even keel and I really wanted to finish my book but I had no idea how to jump back into it…and there were no books to help me understand how get going and how to get done. NONE.

I spent the next few years figuring it out on my own --I took classes, bought programs, subscribed to everything I could, read every book about writing I could --- and the bottom line is my first book, The Procrastinator’s Handbook, sold 100,000 copies in 14 months, plus it was published in 32 countries and was selected for the Book of the Month Club and it is still doing exceptionally well.

Because there was no book that explained to me what I wanted to know---when I needed it---about how to get started writing my book, or finding a publisher or an agent… and how to stay motivated… and how to actually get it done, I wasted a lot of time, energy and frankly … for a lot of those years I felt worthless!

Worthless as an earthworm!

I mean I’m reasonably smart…but that didn’t get my book finished.
I knew my stuff…but that didn’t get my book finished.
And I had a book in my heart that I wanted to share with the world…and I didn’t know how to do it.

And I felt …worthless!

Surely, I thought, there has to be a way to get that book out of my head and onto paper… and I found it but it took me many, many years of seminars, classes, and bushels of books ad nauseum!

Would you like to know how I did it?

I’ve written the book for you that I wish I had found when I was writing my first book …because there is absolutely no reason in this world for YOU to go through what I went through …and do all the things that I had to do.

You do not have to waste years trying to figure it out through what a friend of mine calls,
“Trial and Terror!”

Because it truly is terrifying trying to find your own lonely way through the rat’s maze of information that’s out there…and each book is usually focused on only one of the hundreds of aspects of the whole process. And you might not live long enough to get through it all…or you might just drop out on the way to success. Not to laugh, it’s happened to way too many writers!

So…just to get myself ready to write my second book, The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off, I created a system that organized me from start to finish! And my second book was done in only six months, and my third book The Clutter-Busting Handbook, was done – from glimmer-of-an-idea to manuscript-in-the-mail-to- the-publisher—in a measly four months! THAT proved my system works! Yippee!

Let me tell you what I’ve learned over a boatload of years
and put into my Step-By-Step, No-Excuse System,

The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success:

Finding the Time, Space and Energy to Get Writing!

  • Eight steps to help get you get your rear in gear and writing when you just can't seem to get started
  • Overcoming the overwhelm when the idea of writing a whole book seems to be way too much to cope with
  • A proven strategy to make time to write when you're so busy there just isn't any spare time
  • A fantastic innovative strategy to write your book so fast and easy that it almost writes itself

Eighteen Ways To Keep Yourself Going -- When Your Interest, Enthusiasm and Desire To Write Have All Mysteriously Gone Missing!

  • Motivating yourself to get started
  • How to figure out where to begin. HINT: It’s not at the beginning!
  • Easy Outlining – Faster and better than they taught you in school
  • Organizing your material --and you don’t have to think in an organized way!
  • How to keep from tucking your writing project away and forgetting about it
  • Guidance to help you make major content, design and layout decisions to successfully create a book that you will be proud to show your family, friends, co-workers and those snooty high-school hot-shots! (Picture me sticking my tongue out at them! <G>)

The Actual Writing

  • A simple-to-implement plan that helps your non-fiction book practically write itself and some revolutionary ideas that will jump-start your fiction book so that you can see the end of the tunnel
  • Three decisions you must make before you start -- or continue--writing your book that will save you massive amounts of time, energy and grief in the long run -- and leap-frog you way ahead of other authors who write the way you’re “supposed to”
  • The Rita Emmett Talk-Type-Trim Strategy to Write Your Book FAST

How To Play the Publishing Game!

  • How to make intelligent, cost-efficient decisions about whether to self-publish or go with a traditional publisher
  • A straightforward, easy way to write a proposal that will sell your book and not make you crazy. Yes, Dear Writer, you might need a proposal! …but don’t let that idea scare you! Rita will make it so fast and easy that you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.
  • What is a query letter? Why you need one, and how to write an outstanding query letter that makes your book irresistible to publishers
  • Facts and criteria to decide IF you need an agent
  • Where to find information, reviews and performance about agents and publishers –they’re not all the same
  • How to select an agent
  • How to approach an agent or publisher to represent you
  • And most important—how to convince that agent to select YOU as a client
  • The rejection-proof attitude you must have to prevent No Thank You’s from breaking your heart, sending you into depression or stomping the very life out of your writing career
  • Where to find free articles to learn more about publishers & agents

Field-Tested Secrets To Promote Your Book To A Best Seller

  • A step by step well-tested approach to make it easy for famous authors, celebrities or experts to agree to give you career-enhancing, fame-making and book-selling endorsements
  • Why you might want to learn to give talks about your book. HINT: The answer starts with a dollar $ign.
  • How to get started as a speaker and get paid for it …and sell your books by the boxful!
  • How to turn your book signing into a book-selling extravaganza that sells far more than the average book-signing. (Did you know that the average book signing sells six books? SIX? YIKES!)
  • And most of all, how to have fun and actually enjoy writing your book.
OK Rita, I’m serious about writing my book.
Show me how to get this NOW!

When I put this all together, I asked a few people to test it out, to see if it did for them what it did for me…and they went bonkers. THEY LOVED IT!

  • Ted had been thinking and wishing and dreaming of starting his book and FINALLY started it. Way to go, Ted!
  • Susie, the mother of three, started her book years ago. One day she put it away and almost forgot it existed.. But her book kept popping up in her mind at the craziest times. Her book wouldn’t be ignored. After she got The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success, she FINALLY dug it out and got back to writing it…and it’s almost done now! YEA!
  • And you’re never going to believe this, but a guy named Vic actually finished his novel seventeen months ago and just let it sit … because he didn’t know what to do next. He was waiting for someone to come along, take him by the hand, and lead him to the next step. Now he tells anyone who will listen that The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success did exactly that. AND he is crazy about the agent that he is working with. Knew you could do it, Vic!

So, What’s The Pay-Off When You Actually Finish Writing Your Book, Get It Published And Have Sold Lots Of Books?

Let me tell you what happened to me!

  • Imagine making big bucks and having your dreams come true!
  • Imagine yourself traveling to fantastic places and glorious luxury resorts!
  • Imagine that your spouse or partner is able to take an early retirement so you two can travel together!
  • Imagine having one shelf on your bookcase just for foreign editions of your book!
  • Imagine people thanking you for writing your book and sharing their stories in emails sent from Italy, Japan, Spain, China, Sweden, the UK, Australia, Canada, Korea, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Denmark, Turkey, Norway and many other countries!
  • Imagine receiving calls, letters and emails every single week from people telling you how much your book means to them – some even saying it changed their lives!
  • Imagine answering your phone one day and a VP from a luxury cruise line, who read your book, asks if you want to give two or three talks on a ship in exchange for a free cruise! And then imagine cruising free to Bermuda, Alaska, through the Panama Canal, along the west coast of Mexico, through the Balkans, Russia and Hawaii!

Best Selling Author Rita Emmett

The Procrastinator’s Handbook

  • Sold 100,000 copies in the first 14 months
  • It’s now in 32 countries
  • And I’ve been interviewed 162 times by magazines, newspapers, radios and TV shows, including NBC’s Today Show with Katie Couric. You can see a picture of Katie and me --she lets me call her Katie, ya know -- on the first page of my web site

Yes, all of that has happened to me since I got my first book published!

You’re probably wondering if I just stopped my life to write my last two books so fast – six months for one and four months for the last one. Stopping my life to write a book -- that’s only a fantasy for me and for most of us -- but I did do some of the writing on those cruises!

Writing is a lovely part of my life but it has to fit around the rest of my life. While I was writing the last two books, I also…

  • Traveled internationally as a speaker presenting keynotes, workshops and seminars
  • Ran my business, Emmett Enterprises, Inc.
  • Stayed closely connected with our family and friends
  • Ran our house and kept my hubby, Bruce, happy
  • Volunteered my time for worthy causes
  • Gardened, traveled, and enjoyed life
Rita’s The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success helped me finally gain a thorough understanding of what literary agents and publishers are, what they want, how to find them and how to approach them.

Then, following Rita’s advice I got into a local writers’ group that has been valuable and extremely fun too! I never would have thought of that!
--- Victoria Schiffer-Wall, future best-selling author

Get your very own
The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting
Off Your Success

The Step-by-Step No-Excuse Book–Finishing System
By Best-Selling Author Rita Emmett

Dear Rita,
Thank you so much for creating the authorship kit. I began working on it and on my book the week I received it!
I've been thinking about starting to write my book for years and this is what FINALLY got me going.
Gratefully and sincerely yours,
Julie Puczek

You have3 Options for purchasing The Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship:

  1. e-reports only
  2. e-reports plus a great workbook/manual, tons of valuable CDs plus a 75 minute personal consultation with Rita
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Details & explanations of these 3 options are:

Option 1: The Essential Package E- Reports

This package is designed for those of you who are intrigued by the idea of writing a book and want to explore the concept further. You can quickly create an outline and use the amazing talk-type-trim system to get your book onto paper at warp speed. (Hint: Writing a book can be more fun than you ever imagined with my system!)

Five Essential Step-By-Step E-Reports for Writers. Complete With Action Plans, Outlines And Guidelines That Will Keep You On Track, Inspired And Writing --- Stress-Free!

In a RUSH? These Five In-Depth Special E-Reports for Writers Who Want To Get It DONE, will be sent to you as an email attachment promptly after purchase.

  1. E-Report: Write Your Book Now: Secrets to Get Started With That Masterpiece You've Been Meaning to Write
  2. E-Report: A Simple Plan to Help Your Non-Fiction Book Practically Write Itself (And Some Ideas That Will Even Work for Your Fiction Book)
  3. E-Report: OK! I'm Ready to Write My Book - Now What? Learn Rita Emmett’s Talk-Type-Trim Strategy to Write a Book FASTER than you ever believed possible!
  4. E-Report: Publishers, Agents, Rejection - Oh, My! (Tips & Strategies For Finding and Charming Publishers & Agents)
  5. E-Report: Insider's Secrets to Getting Endorsements and Promoting
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Option 2: The Gold Package

This package is designed for anyone who is busy and serious about getting their book out of their heart and onto paper, and ready to write it now! The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success System -- GOLD is what you need to get your book finished. This amazing system includes all the tools you need to get the job done!

  • All FIVE ESSENTIAL SPECIAL E-REPORTS from the Essential Package printed for you in a Binder. These Five In-Depth Special E-Reports for Writers Who Want To Get It DONE, will be sent to you as an email attachment when you purchase the GOLD PACKAGE at no extra charge so you can get started NOW..
  • PLUS FIVE Audio CD Interviews with Rita Emmett that walk-and-talk you through the realities of the publishing game.
  • Getting started as an author
  • Important decisions to make BEFORE you start writing
  • How to write a book at turbo speed
  • How to get your book published
  • Promoting your book and getting celebrity endorsements…the easy way
Dear Rita,
I listened to three of your CD's so far. They are FANTASTIC...chock-full of valuable content, and motivational and inspiring at the same time. I'm very critical of learning resources and I want significant value for the time I invest. Your CD's are AWESOME. After I put the kids to bed I was chomping at the bit to outline my book, and worked on it for two hours.
--- Randy Davis-Creator of The Strategic Millionaire(tm)
  1. FREE BONUS! Audio CD of Rita speaking to an audience of authors about the inspiring journey and powerful contribution to others that happens when you actually become an author. You'll hear the hilarious story of how Rita stalked a Pulitzer Prize winning author to get his endorsement of her book.
  2. FREE BONUS: Randy Gilbert interviews Rita Emmett about how to get around procrastination when you are writing a book. This will change the way you think about writing and get you to actually DO your writing!
  3. FREE BONUS: Linda Brakeall grilled Rita Emmett about EVERYTHING she knows about writing books! She was merciless and you’ll love learning the NEW secrets that Rita has learned about writing, publishing and promotion.
  4. FREE BONUS: Listen to a life-changing audio interview with Rita about "Procrastination and Finances."
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Option 3: The Platinum Package


My Word Rita!
You have captured the process of book-writing and getting it published in a way that I have never seen before. It is all so logical and helpful. I wish I had it when I was writing my first book. It would have saved me years! But it’s here now and I’m grateful!

Linda Brakeall, author of Unlocking The Secrets of Successful Women In Business and How to Get Men to Take you Seriously in Business and in Life.

This package is only for those of you who are 150% seriously committed to getting your book finished this year. If you don't have another second to lose, then you are a strong candidate for this elite V.I.P. group.

You will get the entire The Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: Stop Putting Off Your Success System Gold Package!

PLUS you will receive three 30-minute personal accountability coaching sessions with Rita to keep you on-target to get that book done NOW. Rita usually charges $300 /HOUR for consulting and coaching.

But if you are really ready to commit to finishing your book, Rita is willing to offer you a very special deal. You will receive the entire GOLD System that retails individually for over $700 … PLUS three 30-minute coaching / accountability sessions with Rita, a $450 value.

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