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Want Helpful Stuff To Stop Procrastination?

 The Procrastinator's Handbook:
 Mastering the Art of Doing It Now - Paperback

"Recovering Procrastinator”, Rita offers not only sure-fire tips and techniques, but she also offers hope that procrastinators can convert. She is adamant that procrastination is NOT a personality flaw or a character trait, it is simply a habit. This book:

  • identifying how and why you put things off
  • motivating yourself to begin - and finish - unpleasant tasks
  • organizing your time and efforts to achieve your goals
  • taking control of the clutter in your life

The information in this book will help to enormously increase your
productivity and energy as well as your self-esteem.

"The Procrastinator's Handbook is an incredible book! It's all there to help us in this tricky and painful procrastination process. I'm conquering all my dreams! This book is like the bible, it has to be near you at all times. When one feels weak, the anti-procrastination tool is there for you carrying all the answers and advice you need!"
Alex Carvalho, jazz guitar player

"I am listening to THE PROCRASTINATOR'S HANDBOOK on my iPod and hearing things I may have missed before when I heard it the first time on CD. VERY COOL...VERY COOL INDEED!
----- Leslie Buck

More Info
Book $10.95 (US) Order now
Audio Book - CD (abridged - read by Rita) $17.95 (US) Order now
Download an audio file of the book from Audible Click Here

Blast Away Procrastination (audio)

Rita Emmett is a Recovering Procrastinator, a Professional Speaker and author of the best-selling book, The Procrastinator’s Handbook. Here she speaks to a group about how to break the procrastination habit.

You will laugh and learn simple, easy steps THAT REALLY WORK to stop putting off everything. Rita covers what is procrastination, obstacles to conquering it, reasons why we procrastinate and most important, how to break the putting-off habit for good.

This CD will help you go from semi-productive to MEGA-productive, from fatigued to energized and from scattered to focused. Also, you will enjoy the story of how she “stalked” Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Angela's Ashes for an endorsement for her book.

Rita says if she can convert from being the world’s greatest procrastinator, anybody can. That includes YOU. Prepare to change your life.

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now

Procrastination & Finances (audio)

An interview with Rita. She discusses how people put off a wide variety of decisions about the money in their lives, and how to stop procrastinating and move past that.

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now

Rita Tells Her Story: A 1 Hour Interview with Randy Gilbert (audio)

Randy Gilbert, a skilled interviewer, promises to get Rita to reveal her inside success secrets and proven strategies for dealing with procrastination. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in this one-hour segment.

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now

Never Be Late Again CD (audio)

Rita interviews Diana DeLonzor about the content of her book. (see above)

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now


Want Helpful Ideas To Conquer Clutter?

Vaporize Your Clutter
Set of 4 CDs from Rita's popular "Vaporize Your Clutter" Teleseminars (audio)

If you missed these 4 (60 minutes) telephone classes, now is your chance to catch up on all the valuable material that was covered: 1) General Clutter; 2) Sentimental Clutter; 3) Paper Clutter and 4) Stealth Clutter (What? You don't know what that is? Sure you do --- it's all that stuff that returns 5 minutes after you just spent all day getting rid of all your junque.)

More Info
CD $39.97 (US) Order Now

Conquer Your Clutter: Daniel Hall interviews Rita (audio)

Interviewer Daniel Hall spends a full hour grilling Rita on the secrets of how to start attacking your clutter, what to do about all that paper clutter coming your way, and how to keep it under control. If you have any type of clutter in your life, your desk, your office or your home, you need to listen to this CD ---probably many times.

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now


Want Helpful Stuff To Handle Your Stress?


Striving For Perfection Can Drive You Nuts (and other thoughts on coping with stress) (audio)

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now

This single tape covers Rita speaking to a group about handling the stress
they experience in daily living. No matter what you do you WILL have stress
in your life. Learn to manage it in a healthy way instead of letting stress
leave you feeling fragmented, frantic or frazzled.

A 28 Minute Relaxation Break For Those Stress Filled Days (audio)

CD $15.97 (US) Order Now

Rita’s voice soothes you as you close your eyes and slip into total relaxation,
as soft background music deepens the pleasant experience. Every time you
listen to this tape, you will relax more quickly and easily. It has a double
ending so that without changing anything, you can use it either when you want
to fall asleep or stay awake.

Want Help Understanding Your Dreams At Night?

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (audio - 2 CD set)

Are you interested in those dreams you dream at night? Then you're going to love these CDs. It's Rita teaching a fun and fascinating program in a college classroom that covers these questions:

  • What if I don't Dream?
  • Why don't I remember my dreams?
  • How can I start to remember my dreams?
  • What do dreams mean?

Set of two CDs $26.97 (US) Order Now

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If You Love To Learn By Watching, Here Are DVDs For You

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