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Client Testimonials

Once again – another excellent presentation and another set of rave evaluations.
S. Donnellan, Kraft Foods

This is the second time you’ve presented at our conference, and you are a pleasure to work with. You received outstanding evaluations.
D. Vickery, Manpower

I came away from your seminar energized and enthused, ready to use your ideas to prevent burnout.
Participant in Ameritech Seminar

Motivating! Enthusiastic! Several of us have already taken action on conquering procrastination.
L.L. Morabito, Qantas Airways Limited

We asked participants if they would recommend you to speak again at U. of Chicago Hospitals. They responded with an enthusiastic “YES”. We’ll have you back soon!
J. Schueler, The University of Chicago Hospitals

Hope you’ll be able to continue to work for us. It is so good to get a speaker you can count on to be informative, reliable and entertaining all at the same time!
L. Salotti, Triton College

Enlightening! Entertaining! Timely! Informative! Useful! FUN! You have a wonderful way of putting people at ease that encourages active and lively participation. That is the most productive way to learn.
H. Berry, Assistant to President of Wilbur Wright College

Rita’s style and personality encouraged me to participate when normally I would not. Kept my interest on a topic for which I’ve heard many presentations.
Participant evaluation, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Being the professional that you are, you know how important that opening speaker is in setting the tone for the whole conference -- and you started them off just right. What a success! B. Koca, Illinois Association of School Business Officials

Heard only positive remarks about your training. That is quite an accomplishment!
M. Brown, Illinois Department of Insurance

Outstanding! Bring her back.
Evaluation from seminar, Northwestern Mutual Life

The feedback is you certainly made a positive impact on our thought process.
R. Mulvey, MetLife

It’s not often that our speakers are as successful in achieving audience participation and positive feed-back as you are.
R. Corbin, United Amer. Insurance Center, Inc.

Love working with you again. You keep making me look good!
D. Pellegrini, Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs

On behalf of the Governor, thank you for your informative, interesting and humorous presentation. Nothing but positive feedback.
A. Rosales, Assistant to the Governor of Illinois

I advertised your program to staff as a “holiday gift.” It may be the best one they receive all season!
J. Flowers, Department of the NAVY

I was forewarned that you give a dynamite presentation. True to my source’s word, you did!
M. Johnson, Franklin Park Library


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