December 2011

From Rita Emmett
Author of The Procrastinator's Handbook and
The Clutter-Busting Handbook

Quotes for December

Everyone is a genius. But if a fish is judged by how well it climbs a tree, it will live its entire life feeling stupid. --- Albert Einstein

People who urge you to be realistic generally want you to accept their version of reality. --- Unknown author

Go to the place of your greatest fear
and there you will find your greatest strength.
--- quoted by Fr. Michael Rodgers in his book, "Glendalough: A Celtic Pilgrimage"

Message from Rita

Dear Readers,
OK, so in October, I wrote a nice, simple, logical Tip Sheet about organizing your photos. It made sense.

Then a weird rumble came into my life. Web goddess Mickey (who is high-tech) told me (who is fairly low-tech) that I need to follow up with a Tip Sheet for organizing digital photos. I said to her, no, Bruce does the digital pictures, I am more at the level of crayons and coloring book pictures….BUT… I do stay inside the lines…sometimes.

Mickey disagreed, and said she would do it for me. So she wrote the November Tip Sheet using terms such as USB, memory cards and even sillier, memory card readers. (Are memory readers anything like mind readers??) She incorporated humor by writing "there are some great free programs like Gimp". (That got me chuckling)
And touched on super heroes with several mentions of Carbonite. (which we all know was superman's downfall.)

She did a great job. But then, this month, the weird rumble re-occurred.
Mick said it would be helpful to give tips on scanning pictures to turn them into digital photos.

I sagely replied, "No it wouldn't."
She said, "Yes."
I said, "No."
Then she patiently explained how it would be helpful.
Then I patiently explained that not only do I NOT do digital photos, I do NOT scan. Tried it once. It came out all wobbly. Nobody told me I couldn't readjust the document mid-scan.
Then I nobly tried it again. Still wobbly. It's a long story but I think what I did was logical. Still….. it wobbled.

So I ask you… how is a non-scanning….non digital pic person supposed to give you tips? Then Mickey said that she would come up with some tips for the Tip Sheet.

Then she took a break mumbling something about needing more valium. Again….just like last month…. she is not taking my calls. I don't understand why. I guess she's busy writing the Tips. Which I guess she will stick in right here. I don't know for sure because…we haven't talked for a while. Mickey is very patient.

Scanning & Storage Tips For Changing Old Photos To Digital

  1. Decide the type of scan -- either color or black and white. When scanning old black and white photos, it is usually best to scan in color. You'll have more manipulation options, and later you can change a color photo to black and white, but not the other way around.
  2. Determine the best scan resolution; 600 dpi or greater is usually the best. Crop the previewed image to include only the original photo.
  3. Scan the original image. This might take a few minutes if you're scanning at a very high resolution. Sit back and relax, or get your next photo ready for scanning.
  4. In selecting file types, the best file type for scanning and saving photos is TIF (Tagged Image Format). However, the popular JPG (JPEG) file format is a good option for web pages and file sharing because it creates smaller file sizes.
  5. Make an archive copy of the original photo in TIF format and save it in a special folder on your hard drive. Do not edit this original photo, no matter how bad it looks. You need this copy in order to preserve the original photograph in a digital format.
  6. Create a copy of your scanned photo to work on. Save it with a different filename to help prevent you from accidentally overwriting the original as you work on editing the photo.

Photo Tips From One Of Our Perceptive Readers

Hello Rita,

Finally I find one thing that is well organized at my home - my digital photos!! I even use the same system Mickey explained in your November Tip Sheet.

One point I wanted to make regarding auto backup. A friend of mine had daily auto backup and when her computer crashed and hard drive deleted during the night, when it backed up, it erased all of her backup and she lost a few years worth of pictures.

So if you chose to do that automatically, make sure you have another backup that is not connected to the computer (and make sure you update it every once in a while). I have another friend who keeps a backup in a different location (not in her house), just in case. Another person that I know (who is extremely organized), prints the 10 best pictures in every month and creates a yearly album with those pictures. This way she doesn't have too many albums.


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